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Regina José Galindo

From the birth of the gallery, and its evolution in the museum, art exhibitions followed the symbolic architectural line of the ruling class over time.

A compelling issue with a variety of voices deconstructing ties and habits underlying the relationship between art and power. Sometimes with some cracks for light.

“Soy lugar comun como el eco de las voces
el rostro de la luna”

Regina Jose Galindo

Directeur – David Liver
Executive EditorEditeur exécutif – François Combin

Editorial Board – Florent Delval, Massimo Mazzone, François Combin, Guillaume Clermont, Frédéric X. Liver, Fabien Pinaroli
Art Director / D.A – Frédéric X. Liver

Board for the N6 – Massimo Mazzone, David Liver

Contributors – Regina José Galindo, Massimo Mazzone, Gregory Sholette, Juan José Lahuerta, Matteo Binci, Vicente Todoli, Ewa Majewska, Manolo Borja-Villel, Luis Camilo Osorio, Giorgio De Finis, New Eldorado, David Liver, Paolo Martone.

Cover illustration – Frédéric X. Liver

Layout – David Liver

Traductions – Rosa Derozan

Published for the 17th Venice Biennale of Architecture

by Urubu and Escuela Moderna