With Jimmie Durham

Here is our first run, and we are very proud to feature an extensive, generous, and witty article by international artist Jimmie Durham

He writes about reconciliation, resistance, and language. 

Architect Bita Azimi draws a sensitive line from the myth of Antigone to Gropius and investigates architecture in the political representation/play.

Offensive freedom in Art is addressed in a provocative article by Greek intellectual, Konstantinos Papageorgiou. You’ll also find out how dancer Satchie Noro uses an axe as a dancing partner, where strength and balance serve the practice of justice.


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“I don’t want to be reconciled”

Director – David Liver
Deputy Director – François Combin
Art Director – Frédéric X. Liver

Contributions by – Bita Azimi, Kostantinos Papageorgeous, Satchie Noro.

Cover art – Frédéric X. Liver
Translations – Rose Derozan.

Published with and for the Council of Europe (ICC)