With Dalila Mahdjoub

Where we explore the impact of monuments, toponymy, and places on the collective narrative.

Alain Castan takes us on a tour of colonial toponymy in Marseille. Statues, street, and building names don’t lie to those who want to hear.

Dalila Mahdjoub offers us a long and personal journey in an experimental essay about the unachieved identity of a second-generation immigrant living among loud stones.

“Une fois qu’on a commencé a vomir nos histoires, on peut commencer d’être libéré”

M. Laouli, Les Sculptures n'étaient pas blanches (Performance)

Directeur – David Liver
Executive Editor/ Editeur exécutif – François Combin

Editorial Board – Florent Delval, Massimo Mazzone.
Art Director / D.A – Frédéric X. Liver

Board for the N8 – Guillaume Clermont (Editor in Chief),

Frédéric X. Liver, Laurine Peltier, Manon Coullebeaut, Eglantine Rousset, Alejandro Alfonso Glaentzlin Ginestra, Cara Schmitz, Marie-Myriam Soltani.

Cover illustration – Laurine Peltier

Layout – Frédéric X. Liver, Eglantine Rousset

Traductions – Dalila mahdjoub et Salma Kossemtini.

Remerciements : Les Beaux-Arts de Marseille – INSEAMM : Luc Jeand’Heur, Maxime Guitton, Alice Orefice, Karen de Coninck, Valérie Langlais, Julie Durand ; Paul-Emmanuel Odin and la Compagnie; Coco Velten: Annabelle Boissy, Ambre Jouve, Igor Tranchot; Mohammed Laouli, Youssef El Idrissi Fatine Arafati, Salma Kossemtini, Abir Gasmi, Kawthar Benlakhdar, et les habitants de Belsunce.

The present issue of Voice Over has been published by Urubu with Les Beaux-Arts de Marseille – INSEAMM (France), with the support and collaboration of La Compagnie de Belsunce and Coco Velten – Marseille.