This time we explore the idea of hospitality through the reversible relationship between host and guest.

The issue features an extensive conversation with international artist Krzysztof Wodiczko. Other contributors are Michael Kaethler, Davo Liver, Christophe Domino, Alice Fraccaro, Alison Duncan & Dagmara Stephan, Marie-Claire Klassen & Vincenzo Zuppardo, Oana Sanziana Marian, Riccardo Varini, Julia Montfort & François Combin

Published and distributed in collaboration with the National san Marino Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture & UNIRSM Design

This is the first issue available on print.

With Maria Thereza Alves

Published by Urubu and the Council of Europe (ICC)

“Are there any tell tale signs of strange swirls that can foretell unseen rocks?”

Maria Thereza Alves

VOICE OVER “BORDERS”. It’s our 3rd issue and this time it’s about movement, migrations, immigration and emigration.

Brasilian artist MARIA THEREZA ALVES offered us a bitter-sweet narrative essay where times and places come together in a subtle critique of intercultural relationships.  
Italian artist and anarchist Massimo Mazzone makes an hyperbolic comparison between the parliament hemicycle and a frontier line. From Brussels, young curator Ichraf Nasri tells us about her personal journey from Tunisia to Belgium, and more specifically from fitting in with western cultural values to a liberated thinking. Another travel across borders and history is told by Indonesian artist Tintin Wulia, explaining her long lasting project (Re)collection of togetherness, and her personal family history through the Indonesian mass killings in 1965-66.