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  • ISSUE N°9

    HOSPITALITY With Krzysztof Wodiczko 9th issue of Voice Over.This time we explore the idea of hospitality and the reversible relationship between host and guest. This is the first printed issue of Voice Over! The issue features an extensive conversation with international artist Krzysztof Wodiczko and art critic Christophe Domino on the social reversibility of host…

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  • ISSUE N°8

    ISSUE N°8

    PEDAGOGIES With Cesare Pietroiusti This 8th issue is about Art as a tool for learning, for imagining new paradigms for the circulation of knowledge, and also for reconsidering this same notion. You’ll read ideas, practices, and testimonials by artists and thinkers coming from different realities. Cesare Pietroiusti tells us about the idea of hospitality which he…

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  • ISSUE N°7

    ISSUE N°7

    MONUMENTS With Dalila Mahdjoub Where we explore the impact of monuments, toponymy, and places on the collective narrative. Alain Castan takes us on a tour of colonial toponymy in Marseille. Statues, street, and building names don’t lie to those who want to hear. Dalila Mahdjoub offers us a long and personal journey in an experimental…

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  • ISSUE N°6

    ISSUE N°6

    EXHIBITIONS (and Museums) With Regina José Galindo From the birth of the gallery, and its evolution in the museum, art exhibitions followed the symbolic architectural line of the ruling class over time. A compelling issue with a variety of voices deconstructing ties and habits underlying the relationship between art and power. Sometimes with some cracks…

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  • ISSUE N°5

    ISSUE N°5

    The fifth issue focuses on the theme of the peripheries. This is here understood not only as an urbanistic biais but as a relational concept between two dichotomous subjectivities such as the the world as the periphery of the Occident, idleness as the periphery of rationality, women as the periphery of men, the migrant sans…

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  • ISSUE N°4

    ISSUE N°4

    With Ewa Majewska Published by Urubu and the Centre Pompidou Kanal, Brussels. “… Hence we are tired. And angry. And perhaps not particularly eager to mobilize even more.” Ewa Majewska Here is VOICE OVER “PATRIARCHY”, our controversial 4TH issue presented by KANAL – CENTRE POMPIDOU. Polish philosopher and feminist militant Ewa Majewska, offered us her witty ANGRY TIRED HOUSEWIVES MANIFESTO,…

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  • ISSUE N°3

    ISSUE N°3

    With Maria Thereza Alves Published by Urubu and the Council of Europe (ICC) “Are there any tell tale signs of strange swirls that can foretell unseen rocks?” Maria Thereza Alves VOICE OVER “BORDERS”. It’s our 3rd issue and this time it’s about movement, migrations, immigration and emigration. Brasilian artist MARIA THEREZA ALVES offered us a bitter-sweet narrative essay where…

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  • ISSUE N°2

    ISSUE N°2

    With Kenneth Goldsmith Published by Urubu and the Council of Europe (ICC) “I congratulated them on the fact that they made a robot parrot a dead poet” Kenneth Goldsmith This month, after VOICE OVER CONFLICT we are back with our second issue, VOICE OVER BAD AI. It’s about Artificial Intelligence, its naivety and bias. Also, among some very interesting articles by…

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  • 1st ISSUE

    1st ISSUE

    CONFLICT With Jimmie Durham Here is our first run, and we are very proud to feature an extensive, generous, and witty article by international artist Jimmie Durham.  He writes about reconciliation, resistance, and language.  Architect Bita Azimi draws a sensitive line from the myth of Antigone to Gropius and investigates architecture in the political representation/play. Offensive freedom in…

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